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Semi Indoor Air purifiers in Bengaluru Bus Stop

We won the social alpha event “India Clean Air Challenge.”

With the prize money, we planned and executed the installation of 5 large volume air purifiers inside Banashankari TTMC, Bengaluru to provide clean air to BMTC commuters, demonstrating our global and social responsibility.

Every day, more than 5000 buses pass through Banashankari, carrying between 50 and 60 thousand people. This is clearly the most innovative yet amazing initiative that we devised in order to provide safe air to the most vulnerable and unaware areas that were being affected by air pollution. Panjurli labs and its innovation to clean air initiative is everywhere today, and we hope that the movement will spread globally.

Otrivin’s Action to Breathe Cleaner

“Dirty air is harming a great number of children and destroying their lives,” says WHO chief general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The WHO recommends that people in Bengaluru breathe air that is significantly polluted. Asthma, malignant growth in children, and brain development are all affected by air pollution.

The initiative is motivated by the fact that 98% of Indian children inhale toxic air both outdoors and, in their classrooms, where they spend up to eight hours per day, according to WHO research.

Panjurli Labs provided comprehensive support, starting with the identification of the most polluted schools, collecting data on how severely they are impacted, customizing products to accommodate a variety of needs—both indoors and outdoors—while also instructing students about the significance of taking action against air pollution.

With our invention of capturing soot and transforming it into a pencil, Haleon, a global consumer health company has launched the ground-breaking clean air initiative known as “Otrivin Pollution Capture Pencils”. The initiative has been impacted more than 1500 school kids by providing clean air of 1.2 billion cubic feet of air in just 8 months.

The project was developed by GSK/Haleon with Wunderman Thompson Singapore as part of WPP Team for the Otrivin Actions to Breathe Cleaner program.

It began in Peenya, Hegganahalli, and Mallasandra, Bengaluru, three highly Air pollution prone schools impacted by poor air quality in industrial areas.

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