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CSR Clean Air Initiatives

We are open to collaborating on CSR projects with organizations that share our vision for the clean air initiative. One example of a successful CSR project is the installation of air purifiers both indoors and outdoors in the classroom, library, and play areas of government schools that were particularly susceptible to air pollution. This initiative, taken by a Panjurli labs, helped more than 1500 children breathe clean air by purifying 1.2 billion cubic feet of air in just 8 months.

The initiative not only helped reduce air pollution but also promoted the concept of recycling and reusing waste materials.

Join us in our mission to promote clean air and improve the health of communities around the world. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

We undertake all kind of CSR clean air projects to ensure that the air you breathe is free from harmful pollutants and allergens. Our team of experts will work with NGO’s and Corporates to determine the best solution for specific needs and provide end to end technical support for CSR Clean Air activities.

We provide Clean Air for the needy people. We prefer places like Schools, Old age homes, care centres, Orphanages etc. where clean air is the basic need. We also extend our hands to impact communities to create better and healthier life by providing Clean Air.

We provide end to end technical support along with installing Air Purifiers.


Air quality monitoring

This service involves the use of specialized equipment to measure and analyze the levels of pollutants in the air, providing valuable data for decision-making and policy development aimed at improving air quality. Additionally, air quality monitoring can help identify potential health risks associated with poor air quality.


Hotspot identification

We locate areas with high levels of air pollution. This information can be used to target interventions and reduce exposure to harmful pollutants.


Getting necessary Permissions

We acquire the freedom of providing clean air by getting necessary permissions required by associated administrative bodies and organisations. Panjurli Labs has a wide range of network with different administrative bodies and associations.


Designing customized air purifiers

we customize air purifier to each order with respect to pollution risk, area to cover, and pollutant type. This approach ensures purifiers; servicing communities can have air purifiers that specifically address their unique needs and concerns, potentially leading to more effective air purification and improved health outcomes. Additionally, customized air purifiers may be more cost-effective in the long run, as they are tailored to address specific pollutants in a given area.


Installation of air purifiers

Installation of air purifiers is a simple process that can be done by our professional or by following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Servicing of air purifiers

This advanced Thin Film Air Filtration Technology not only cleans the filter on its own but also ensures that the air purifier operates efficiently for longer periods of time. Our team provides regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that your air purifier continues to perform optimally.


Impact Report

Every initiative should result in creating an impact. For this we gather the information related to the impact that the donated organisation has created by doing an initiative. Further we strategically create printable collaterals for circulating the unit Economics and the Impact that the organisation has created and spread across media to get more reach.


Creating awareness

Beside Cleaning the Air, we also educate the people about the effects of Air Pollution and the proposed way to avoid and reduce it. With the help of creative communicating materials, we do series awareness sessions which are very easy to understand and insightful.

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