Panjurli Labs

Outdoor Air Purifier

The innovative outdoor air purifiers from Panjurli Labs get rid of pollutants and allergens. With our cutting-edge technology to guarantee that the air you breathe is healthy and clean, these air purifiers are ideal for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. They are also made to be long-lasting and resistant to the elements, […]

Semi Indoor Air Purifier

Panjurli Labs’ eco-friendly and simple-to-maintain semi-indoor air purifier is intended to significantly improve indoor air quality and overall health. The product uses the cutting-edge Thin Film Air Filtration Technology (TFAF), making it the most effective and able to capture even the tiniest particles and contaminants, resulting in a healthier environment. This technology can clean the […]

Ayur Aire

Hidden pollution can have long-term effects on health if it is ignored. While air purifiers are useful, have you heard of Ayurveda’s ability to improve air quality? Panjurli Labs’ new product, “AYURAIRE’,” purifies the air with natural ingredients and ancient Ayurvedic principles. It’s a long-term, all-encompassing strategy for improving indoor air quality. Natural oils and […]

Indoor Air Purifier

Although being at home is the safest option, do you know if any pollutants are concealed there? Do not worry!!! The smart device, Indoor air purifier by Panjurli labs employs cutting-edge technology to find and get rid of hidden pollutants in your house it also provides real-time air quality monitoring and alerts you when the […]