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We aim at making people lives better by providing fresh air.

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What We Do?

We provide customised products to control Air Pollution

Customised design and installation

We design and manufacture custom fit pollution control equipments and dust collectors according to the need of customer.

Product Servicing

We provide servicing facility for our products when needed.

Parts Replacement

We provide parts replacement facility for our products when needed.

Soot collection and processing

We collect the pollutants trapped in our devices, process it and use it in making useful products.

About Panjurli Labs

Panjurli labsĀ® is a manufacturer of industrial commercial and residential air purifying equipment and dust collectors for industries and other wide range of products.

About us

We use advance thin film technology with major competitive advantages in the market.

We are dedicated to not only manufacture products but to bring sustainable solutions for global problems.

We keep up greater customer satisfaction and product value with personalized site visit for data collection to develop and build products.

We make sure collected soot particles don't add up on the chain of air pollution so we take responsibility in recycling the collected soot particle into renewable products.

Our Products

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  • Industrial

Ayur Air

Asphalt dust collector

Indoor Air Purifier(Commercial Purpose)

P-Pal Tree

Dust Collector(Manufacturing floor)

Indoor Air Purifier(Domestic purpose)

We Provide highly effcient products to tackle Air Pollution

Our products are effective in reducing the air pollution and thereby providing clean fresh air


Ayur-Air is a multi-functional unit which purifies, cools and adds goodness of Ayurveda to it.

Indoor Air Purifier(Commercial purpose)

Captures potential air pollutants to improve the quality of the indoor air with multistage filtration process.

Indoor Air Purifier(Domestic purpose)

Designed to capture all the air pollutants inside home with multi-level filtration system.

Asphalt Dust Collector

It is built considering wide range of particulate matter, capable to trap macro sized particles/dust.

Dust Collector

This device can be installed in the industrial indoors such as Graphite, Ore industry and other where excess dust is generated.

P-Pal Tree

P-Pal Tree is built with unique technology known as Thin Film Technology which is capalbe to purify 1 crore 18 liters of air per day.

Thin Film Technology.

The products from Panjurli Labs have been designed and developed using a new invention known as Thin Film technology. This is a revolutionary technology invented and patented by Panjurli Labs can be a potential game changer in the fight against global warming and Air pollution.


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